Site Refresh

Site Refresh

Date: Wed Aug 12 2020

I've decided to refresh this site using a new tech stack - Nuxt.js, which recently released the content module and promised many exciting features. It's quite powerful out of the box, though I've run into a few minor limitations in terms of paging (or maybe I just haven't figured out a solution...and I'm not going to make the time right now).

Ultimately, I wanted to simplify this a bit so that it's easier to blog on topics that interest me.

I started Brazilian Jujitsu early this year. It's been a bit strange due to the pandemic, though classes have recently resumed. I'd like to document my BJJ journey soon, as well as other explorations I make time for in the coming weeks and months.

Hopefully this redesign will simplify that process. At the end of the day, it is time consuming to redo this stuff over and over again, but I guess I'm picky and prefer to express myself. Yet, hopefully I won't have to re-do this too much going forward. I think I've found me again, after a couple years of wandering.

I'm debating if I also want to port over my primary site to Nuxt.js. Nuxt has been quite nice to work with, compared to Gridsome. The content module is really powerful, and I'd like to see what it can do in the days ahead.

Onto the next hill.